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Theres a lot of things I don’t talk about on this blog. Mainly, my sexuality. I mean, i’m open about being bisexual, and I’ve written many posts about dates that I’ve went on with both male and female. Most of the time I keep it gender neutral. I’m not ashamed of my sexuality, its just one of those things I just don’t talk about because I feel there is no need for me to. My parents accept me, and I’ve been blessed with a very open family. With that aside, I just want to say two things that actually piss me off. 

First, if I compliment a straight female about her looks or something she’s wearing, being as platonic as possible like, “hay girl hay those rain boots are super cute” and you hit me with the, “aw, thanks, i’m not into girls, I like penis” .. I literally want to reach within my soul, grab a lightsaber and smite you with it. Just smite the shit out of you. I didn’t know me complimenting your fucking rain boots that had little goddamn yellow ducks in polkadot bow ties meant, “I want to tornado tongue your lady parts and K.O the hell out of them thighs girl”. I wasn’t offering you a one on one magic carpet ride between my legs. I was just paying a compliment, and instead of just saying thank you, you tell me you’re not into girls.. that’s rude as fuck. That offends me. Because you know what, I MAY NOT WANT TO GO ON A MAGIC CARPET RIDE WITH YOU, LADY. 

Second, this goes for tumblr. Especially females that I follow. If somebody asks you if you’re gay, bisexual, whatever and you’re a heterosexual woman just say, “i’m straight :)”. THAT’S IT. THAT’S ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY. You don’t have to say, “Dick only” “ew, no, all dick here” or something mildly as stupid as those. Its like if people ask your sexual orientation you get incredibly insecure, “omg did I just send off a gay vibe? is there a rainbow hanging out my butt?” And you make it your mission to get the point across as if just saying you were straight isn’t clear enough.

I get it. You are a straight female who wants nothing to do with boob on boob action. You don’t have to add the extra flare to the response and be an asshat about it all the time. Okay? Okay. 

This is the whole reason why no one knew I was bi in HS.

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    Equally annoying is how most guys always have to say “no homo” when ever they show even the slightest sign of BEING A...
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    Kyoko is my main reason for tumbler, she doesnt know this, but i love her. :)
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